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Witch Bottles


To curse someone, a witch will place in a bottle items linked to the one they wish to injury and punish, if no items are available, the witch writes on a piece of paper their name and places it inside the bottle along with thorns, pins and nettles. The bottle is then heated during a black magic spell. These witch bottles have been found in houses dating from 17th century. The bottle could also used in a protective way, when a written charm was placed inside the bottle and it was buried to protect farm animals.

Curse means to conjure a magic spell to inflict harm, pain or punishment onto someone. Cursing is a negative witchcraft action. Another form of cursing is ‘psychic attack’ and this may not be done on purpose but accidentally - how? When you think about someone, you enter into their energy field with your thought form, if your thought form is full of anger you direct this energy onto them.

In places such as hospitals and prisons many people leave feeling drained after a visit, this is because of the build up of negative thought forms. To cancel out your negative thought forms think of the person you have unintentionally attacked, visualise white light around them and ask that you are both forgiven, this will dissolve the negative thought form. Witch bottles can be used for any request: love, money, health, career, psychic development, fertility and completely customised requests.

Witch Bottle Spell - Price £125.00 British Pounds Sterling

Bottle Spell Price - £125.00 British Pounds Sterling
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Information required: Your name, date of birth, request, photos (emailed or posted if you have any photos), and any details you have on anyone else involved.

100% safe. You will not be required to do anything yourself.


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