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Black Magic Love Spells


Black magic is the most powerful witchcraft that exists, many people fear anything powerful and stronger than them, however I use full occult protection at all times, therefore nothing can backfire. Once a powerful black magic love spell is cast, fate is rewritten and your new future becomes destined.

What is the difference between a black magic and white magic love spell? White witches will often not cast a love spell if they believe it will override another person's freewill, and often they will claim their spell has failed to work because you have been feeling doubtful and negative. A black magic magician does not find excuses not to cast a love spell to manifest your wish. A black magic magician casts love spells that grant the exact outcome their client is seeking. Your fears, doubts and natural worries do not affect a black magic love spell - my black magic spells are powerful and are not going to be upset because you are worrying about the one you love seeing someone else.

To cast a love spell for you I will need:
Your name and date of birth and the same information on the one you love (if you have this information). If a third person is involved anything you know about them will help. Photos are useful for spell casting, but not essential. I will also need you to tell me about your situation and the outcome for want from your love spell.

Below you will see a selection of different types of love spells, my love spells are personalised and will work exactly as you wish. My services are safe and confidential. You must be 21 or over to use this website.

Black Magic Love Spells Available:

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Dark Arts Love Spell

This spell may be used for reuniting, commitment, winning the heart of someone you desire or love attraction. A black magic request is sent out into the universe, the person this spell is cast over will feel compelled to obey.

Price - £130.00 British Pounds Sterling

Spell Price - £130.00 British Pounds Sterling
Dark Arts Love Spells

This package consists of 5 love spells, cast over a 5 day period - consecutively. Each spells lasts one hour. These spells may be used for reuniting, commitment and winning the heart of the one you love. These spells are a good choice if you have a love rival or very strong opposition from the one you love or others eager to ruin your relationship

Price - £500.00 British Pounds Sterling

Spells Price - £500.00 British Pounds Sterling
Dark Arts Love Spells X.tra

These spells are binding and grant permanent results. 9 spells are cast. If the one you love isn't with you in they way you desire for any reason, these black magic love spells will correct the problem. Results should be within 1 day to 6 weeks, changes are normally witnessed within 5 days or sooner.

Price - £800.00 British Pounds Sterling

Spells Price - £800.00 British Pounds Sterling
Dark Arts Love Spells X.tra X.tra

This collection of 12 love spells are extra powerful, they solve cases other witches reject or fail to correct. The Dark Arts Love Spells X.tra X.tra can transform hate into love, a fear of commitment into devotion, if everyone and everything is against your romance, these spells will do the trick. Love rivals will be repelled. Dark Arts Love Spells X.tra X.tra are binding and therefore permanent. Changes can appear as early as within 24 hours. £1200.00

Price - £1200.00 British Pounds Sterling

Spells Price - £800.00 British Pounds Sterling
Dark Matter Soul Mate Enchantment

It has been said a witch that cannot curse, cannot heal - black and white magic is practiced by any real witch, polarities exists and depend on each other for survival, balance is required, light and dark are not separate, they are joined: life cannot exists without death, hot and cold both exists - too hot or too cold creates an uncomfortable situation, balance must be used. This spell uses perfect balance of all things to ensure you and your soul mate are together, no matter what anyone else does or says, no matter what negative energies exist.

The Dark Matter Soul Mate Enchantment cannot backfire.

Price - £2100.00 British Pounds Sterling

Spell Price - £2100.00 British Pounds Sterling
Relationship Killer Spell

This spell is a good choice if you have a love rival, it works by termination all the feelings two people have for each other. No romance can survive this spell. Price - £150.00

Price - £150.00 British Pounds Sterling

Spell Price - £150.00 British Pounds Sterling


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The above spells are guaranteed to be 100% safe, nothing can or will backfire as a results of using a life changing love spell.

If you wish to order please read: FAQs

You may order using the payment buttons on this page, bank transfer or by post - more information is at How To Order.

Upon receipt of your order I will calculate your spell time for as soon as possible, then email youu with your information.

Other payment options, please visit ORDER 

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